Monday, 29 March 2010

A Summary

My project enhances our waking experience by also improving our sleep rhythm. My design reflects that seep is natural and uses a woodpecker theme to translate this.

To improve sleep rhythm, the user will hear 2 alarms each day. One morning alarm and one evening alarm. The evening alarm is based on one of the pre-set alarm times the user wants to wake at and once selected it is programmed to signal 9 hours earlier. This indicates when to begin their night time ritual and to start thinking about going to bed. This will increase their sleep duration from under 7 hours to 8 hours.

The signal is mechanically produced by using a solenoid and is programmed to sound like a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker to create a new waking experience. The user can play and experiment with the sound produced by placing it against different materials e.g. a door, radiator, a glass vase etc. This manipulates the sound created and does not restrict the device to a bed side table.

Sleeping is natural. Waking on demand is not. By maintaining a regular sleeping pattern, we can begin to wake ourselves up and only be aided with the use of this alarm clock.

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